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Because our web site is family oriented, we pretty much limit our listings to outdoor city cams, campus cams, airport cams, traffic cams and animal cams. When considering which webcams to include in our directories, our strict policy is that we will not knowlingly list any webcam site that displays views that are inappropriate for children of all ages. We are fully aware of our responsibility to all of our visitors and especially to the many librarians, K-12 teachers, parents and students who use our site as an educational resource.

We DO NOT list any adult webcam sites or those that offer "chat rooms" that could provide views and/or language not suitable for children. Also, we make every effort to avoid providing young children with a "Back Door" access to adult oriented web sites. For that reason, we WILL NOT link to any web site that contains a link to an adult site. If you ever see a web site not suitable for children that either made it past our screening process or linked up with an adult site after we listed it, please let us know and it will be removed immediately.

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